OLWG #5: Waiting for Prompts

Untitled-1[SCENE] A bare stage. Three people sit at a long fold-out table, facing the audience. All three are staring straight out, expressionless. One has a laptop open, another has a lined yellow note pad and pen, the third has a leather bound journal.

They sit like this for three minutes.

Actor #1 takes out a smart phone from a pocket and begins to scroll through app screens. The other two actors turn their heads slowly toward Actor #1 and stare, still expressionless.

Actor #1: (staring at his smart phone, he stops scrolling a moment). “Wait, is that a monkey?”

The two other actors slowly lean into Actor #1. All three stare at the phone. They hold the position for a minute.

Actor #2: “No.”

Actor #3: “Wait. That is a monkey!”

All three actors lean in closer to the phone.

Actor #1: “That is a monkey.”

Actors #2 & #3 sit back in their chairs and resume staring out at the audience. Actor #1 resumes scrolling on his phone.

Actor #3 turns his head away from the others and looks up a bit, as if at a clock. “You think he’ll be here today?”

Actor #2. “It’s Sunday.”

Actor #3 keeps looking at the clock. Actor #1 keeps scrolling on his phone.

Actor #2 lifts his legs and puts his feet on the table. The other two do not look at him. Actor #2 leans forward and removes his shoes. The other two do not look at him. Actor #2 wiggles his toes.

Actor #2: “There’s a hole in my sock.”

The other two actors slowly turn toward him and lean way in to inspect.

Time’s up! Only got two of the three prompts in this week, but I wanted keep to the 25 min. rule.  The Online Writer’s Guild prompts this week are

  1. There’s a hole in my sock
  2. Do as I say, not as I do
  3. Wait, is that a monkey?

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