Rearrange the furniture and you’ll see a Sea Lion

sealionpuponcouchIronically, I cannot find the words for how happy I feel when I rearrange the furniture. Well, just simply stating how happy I feel are words enough.

Feeling stuck in a rut? Rearrange the furniture. Need a new perspective? Rearrange the furniture.

Park in a different parking spot at work. Take a different route. Even using a different lane on the freeway counts. Have steak, salad and potatoes for breakfast and pancakes with syrup for dinner. Try a bowl of oatmeal for lunch. Always pass on striped shirts? Buy one. Wear it. Never pet the friendly dogs that approach you in the park, or in your neighborhood? Give ’em an atta-boy. Always write non-fiction? Daily journal? Try “faking it.” Vacuum on a Tuesday instead of Saturday this week.

Keep your routine, because routines are comfortable and controllable, but every once in awhile, change it up, just a bit. Or, permanently, like, rearranging the furniture. Whatever. Just make your brain think differently.

As I said, my mood is better after taking the proverbial editor’s red pen to the furniture arrangement in my home. As a result, my mind is open to other things; little things. Like, not eating lunch in the staff lounge but driving to the fishing pier to watch boats come and go for a half an hour while I eat my turkey sandwich, and receiving genuinely gracious salutations from every other person walking by, asking if I’m enjoying my lunch, or the view, rather than scrolling through whatever crap app on my phone (WordPress updates notwithstanding).

The bonus was the walk back to my car. At the end of the pier a group of people hung over the railing, staring intently at something directly below them. I joined them, curious to see what was so fascinating. It was a Sea Lion pup, asleep on beach.

The local Beach Rangers from the city Parks Department had just finished setting up barricades to keep people on the beach and their dogs far away. They stood sentry, answering questions from passers-by. A little girl near me on the pier jumped up and down, yelling, “HEY SEA LION! WAKE UP!” One person wondered aloud if it might be dead. Just about then, it moved, a little bit, which sent a respectfully quiet wave of excitement through the gathered crowd.

The tide was coming in, so when a wave (such as they are on Puget Sound) washed up far enough to touch the little-fella’s back flippers, the Sea Lion pup startled. It raised it’s head and forced it’s huge sleepy eyes open. Obviously made uncomfortable by the stark contrast of the very cold water vs. the very warm sandy beach, it wiggled a little and then, with great effort (as one would do when one has been fast asleep), moved its body up the beach, just until it’s back flippers cleared the waterline, and flopped back down on the warm sand, settling back to sleep.

Precious stuff to watch, none of which I would see had I not rearranged the furniture this past weekend, giving me a much-needed brain shift that lead to the notion of taking lunch on the pier instead of the staff lounge.

Just sayin’. Every once in awhile, rearrange the furniture.

2 thoughts on “Rearrange the furniture and you’ll see a Sea Lion

  1. I had a friend once who always took a different route to and from work. He was a jerk. I should write about him.

    We’ve got to get up there one day to look for sea lions. I’m sick of alligators. What a cool lunch!!

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