OLWG #8: Dating Advise (not)

This week’s Online Writer’s Guild prompts are: Selective, Bipolar, Alliteration. The additional instruction is to use all three. Not sure I got ‘alliteration’ right, but here goes:

two guys“You could say, I’m selectively bipolar.”

Bates frowned. “I have no idea what that is, ‘selectively bipolar’”

“Well,” Cahill replied, “it’s a little complicated to explain. Easily. I can explain it, just not easily.”

“Because you’re making it up.”

“No, I am bipolar. When I want to be.”

“Why would anyone choose to be bipolar? I mean, how does anyone select to be bipolar?”

“It has its uses.”

“Like, when?”

“Like, when it’s useful to be, you know, unpredicable. To appear to be unstable.”

“Gets you a lot of dates, this choosing to be bipolar thing?”

“There are many women who are caretakers by nature.”

“And taking care of a man who chooses to be, what did you say, ‘unpredicable’ is attractive?”

“Hey, there’s no accounting.”

“No, there’s no accounting. Seriously? I call that just being a plain ol’ regular asshole.”

Bates shrugged. “You deal with life your way, I deal with it my way.”


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