OLWG #13: The Morale Booster Club

This week’s Online Writer’s Guild prompts are:  Two scoops please; I need to believe; lose its luster

o-WORKERS-facebookThe email went out to the whole department: I scream for ice cream! 3:15pm in the staff lounge.

“What’s that about?” Don asked through the cubicle partition.

Don, Becca, Aiden and Navin were in the habit of talking through their cubicle partitions throughout the work day, especially when someone on senior staff sent out a department-wide email.

“Another lame team-building thing,” Becca replied.

“At least she’s trying,” Navin said.

“I don’t get it,” Aiden said. “Are we supposed to watch her scream about ice cream?”

Navin stood up and leaned over the partition separating his and Aiden’s desks. “Are you serious? I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream?”

“Yeah, but, she didn’t say that,” Aiden said. “She did not invite everyone to the staff lounge for a group scream for ice cream.”

Becca said, “It’s another lame thing. I’m not going. I don’t like ice cream, anyway.”

“You see Fred’s email?” Don asked

The other three mumbled acknowledgement.

“Another lame thing,” Becca repeated.

Aiden said, “These things used to be fun.”

“A lot of fun,” Don agreed.

“I used to think it was cool, like, I worked in a cool place, but,” Aiden stood. “I agree with Becca. It’s lame.”

Navin stood up again. “I still think we work in a cool place. I’m going. Free food, man.”

Don stood up. “OK. I’m in. Let’s go.”

Becca remained seated. “I don’t like ice cream.”

“Becca, Aiden…Don’t break up the band!” Navin cajoled. “C’mon, Aiden, dude…Becca…graham cracker cones…you can have one of those with chocolate syrup and just the sprinkles.”

“Probably only serving in bowls,” Becca groused as she stood up.

Navin chucked Becca on the shoulder. “That’s the spirit!”


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