One Bad Apple

As the saying goes: One bad apple spoils the whole bushel.

I don’t have a lot of followers, and I only get a  handful of hits, a couple of likes and maybe a comment when I post. Nevertheless, I enjoy posting and hearing back from those few who read my blog. But not from a troll.

I didn’t do anything to deserve a troll; it’s not personal. WordPress features several ways to keep trollers at bay, but if they are persistent, they devise ways to work around these features. The recommendation I received from WP and friends is either to make this blog “private,” or consider starting over with a new site.

Turning this blog into a private/by invitation only site is a lot of work. For you, that is.  It means you have to login to read a post. I may enjoy writing, but my posts are not so amazing it’s worth the effort. And, after long consideration, as much as I have enjoyed blogging, I’ve decided not to start over. So, the time’s come to move on.

Thank you for following “by LRose.” I will continue to follow all of you and look forward to your future posts. Happy blogging!

A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead.”

– Graham Greene

PS – The only posts left on this site are recent posts in response to Online Writer’s Guild (OLWG) writing prompts. A Good-Apple blogging buddy launched OLWG earlier this year, and in an effort to encourage others to participate, I’m leaving those posts published. If you followed The Blog Propellant, you’ll remember these prompts. Try it! It’s fun!