OLWG #17: An australopithecine’s writing evolution

meditative rose 17For every season—turn, turn, turn—there is a reason—turn, turn, turn…

Oh, wait…yeah. Okay. Something original. By me. Let’s see…
Actually, the problem is, I mean, my problem is, no imagination.
I cannot imagine writing a post using an imposed structure.
Grammatically correct sentence structure notwithstanding. Of course.

Nevertheless, I tried my hand, in my journal, and with online help.
In the effort at trying something new, I discovered something.
I unwittingly unearthed an emotional “simple,” if you will; a basic expression of just one emotion, sans embellishment.
(Yes, I cheated there a bit, creating two within one, but it still adds up!)

Anyway, the point is this: Emotions are running high as of late.
Two family members are in crisis and we’ve no solutions.
I turn to my journal to process the grief, as one does in such times.
But this time, with the seventeen syllable rule, I found solace.

An australopithecine continues her writing evolution.

(And by the way, seventeen just happens to be my lucky number).

and…I absolutely did
not write this in twenty-five minutes. 😉