OLWG 18 – Margaritaville

flip flopsDear Allison,

It was so good to get a letter from you! And, handwritten sent by snail-mail, to boot! Fantastic! Sounds like everything is humming along in your world. It was good to read all about Joey’s adventures, though if it were me, I would have collapsed with a heart attack not knowing where my kid was for 3 months! He’s lucky to have you as a mother.

You ask how retirement is treating me so far. Well, so far, I don’t feel any different since trading in my 6am wake-up call, traffic jammed commutes, expensive designer suits, heels and string of pearls for a life of lazy late-morning strolls on the beach, flip-flops, t-shirt and shorts and a string of puka shells. Why? Because.

Because I’m still me. When I wake, I still leap out of bed, shower and dress. I still have to finish a cup of coffee before heading out. I’m still motivated to accomplish something every day. I still make lists and set forth ambitious goals.

If there is anything different, apart from the obvious, it’s that I’m finally learning to go easy on the cayenne, so to speak. I’m no longer interested in raising hell, taking names, nor putting any more notches in my belt. Believe it or not (I mean, this is me we’re talking about) my focus is redirected toward the gracious and graceful; the soft and the slow. Well, slower. I’m still hell on wheels, like you used to call me, but the wheels are on my new roller blades, not my Porsche (which I sold, by the way).

Anyway, the weather is here, I wish you were beautiful (HA HA HA!) Seriously, loving it here. You and Michael need to jump on a plane and come visit! I’d love to see you.

Until then, yours always,



The prompts are: I don’t feel any different; Life in flip flops; Go easy on the cayenne. AND (drum roll, please) I wrote and edited in 35 minutes! Me so proud… 🙂