OLWG #21a (or, the Dept. of Redundancy Dept.): Donny

Donny lay on his bed, randomly pointing the beam of his flashlight on the creatures plastered on the ceiling and walls of his bedroom. Roarrr, he whispered as the flashlight illuminated the profile of a hippopotamus. Grrrrr, when the beam hit a lion. EEEwooooAHHH, when he  spotlighted the Humpback whale.

“Donny?! Donny! You up? Donny!”

Donny switched off the flashlight, and with a swift swoop of his arm, tossed it under his bed. He reached for the edge of his blanket and bedspread, pulling both over his head, and burrowed down deep beneath. He held his breath and waited.

His bedroom door opened. Donny held as still as he could manage. The hallway light glowed against his covers. Nothing happened. Just when he thought he’d tricked her, his mother spoke.

“Donny…buddy? Time for bed. Now. OK?”

Donny didn’t dare move a muscle.

“Kiddo, I mean it. No more goofing around. I have to go to work.” Donny’s mother waited for a reply. “We had a deal, right? Bedtime. Your Dad’ll be here soon, and the deal was you’d be in bed and asleep, OK?”

Donny felt bad because his mother sounded sad. He knew he promised to be good, and to stay quiet in bed.

“Daddy’s coming over, like I said. OK? That’ll be OK, right?”

Donny pulled back the covers and sat up. He nodded.

“OK,” she sighed, flicking on the bedroom light. “I’m sorry, bud, I know it’s a drag, but I have to work tonight. Like I said, it’s just this once. I mean it, it’s really just this once.”

“He won’t see me?” Donny asked.

His mother looked upset. But then, to Donny’s relief, she smiled.

“No. You’ll be asleep, like we talked about? OK? But, he won’t think you’re asleep if you don’t get to bed, right?”

Donny’s mother walked to him and cupped the top of his head. “It’s all good, buddy. No worries. You’ll be asleep in no time.”

She gently guided her son’s head back onto his pillow, kissed his forehead, pulled his covers over his shoulders, and then kissed him again. “I love you. Now, sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep!”

Donny closed his eyes. The comfortingly familiar sound of her high, spiked heels clicking against the floor lulled him to instant sleep as she walked out of his room, switched off the light, and closed his bedroom door.

Thanks, again, for obliging, Sir Kerr. This week’s first set of OLWG prompts are: I’m gonna be late for work; Hippopotamus; Wait till your father gets home