Winter is Coming

nov snowTara stared out her office window, completely transfixed. Fat, wet snowflakes pelted her office window. On this 3rd day of November, the long-lingering summer had given way to freezing, menacing winter in a matter of just 7 hours. The sky beyond her office window had an apocalyptic, comic book look of a gargantuan swarm of white flying bugs.  The forecast was for the cold snap to hang around the rest of the week.

Soup, Tara thought. For lunch. No, stew. Hot, rich, beef stew. Unfortunately, everyone in the entire city had the same idea. Each place Tara came to was crowded, or had a line out the front door, despite the weather.

Desperate for warmth, she walked back to her office, famished and miserable. It was hard to believe that just the other day she was lounging without a coat in the plaza at lunch, soaking up the bright, warm sun.

Tara headed for the staff lounge. She took a large mug from the cupboard and made a scalding hot cup of water in the microwave. She dropped a bag of English Breakfast in the cup and inhaled the steam as the tea steeped. There is nothing more gratifying in winter weather than a hot cup of tea.

Tara ate the sandwich she brought from home in between sips of her tea, still fixated on the idea of stew. Maybe the deli near her apartment will have it’s popular white bean chicken chili tonight.

If only I had a fireplace, she mused.

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