This week’s Online Writer’s Guild prompts are: Diamonds on my windshield; Try this; I think I have one right here

My cat is an old lady, so when she starts complaining, I pay attention. Sometimes she’s just an old lady bitching about being old, but other times she’s in actual distress, so I need to quickly attend to her needs or end up with a mess on the carpet. This morning, at 4:22, she was in actual distress. I’ve been awake since.

Early Sunday mornings are wonderful. No one is up getting ready for work. My building is quiet and still, and I make every effort to return the favor. Old, wooden framed buildings have old, worn out wooden floor joints that squeak, loudly, when trod upon. So, with a cup of coffee, laptop, book and cat now returned to a calm state, I curl up on my couch. Puttering around can wait until I hear my neighbors are up.

The rain is coming down in sheets, blowing hard against the windows. Ambient street and building lights reflect off the raindrops, making the windows look as if they are encrusted with diamonds. I turn on the space heater and winter’s familiar sound of buzzing coils compliments the whoosh of the wind and rain outside. Regardless the heater, I drape a blanket over my legs. As the sky lightens, I see the rain is actually a snow mix. Winter came early this year.

My mind’s a blank this morning. I churn the prompts over in my head, hoping the mastication of my brain cells will render a narrative I can run with. No luck. Still blank. I try again. Still nothing. Maybe if I dig out one of my old posts—I saved them all onto hard disk—and rework one for old time’s sake. There’s so many to choose from.

Nah. I think I’ll just pour another cup of coffee, read and watch the snow swirl and fall.


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