Here, kitty, kitty, kitty

The prompts this week are: Get away with it; Here kitty, kitty, kitty; You shouldn’t ask me that.


You shouldn’t ask me that, Aaron said

Not ask you, what, exactly? Kathy replied

You know.

Why you did it?

No…that part should be obvious.

It’s not obvious, no. Not to me.

She was my girlfriend!


She would have killed me!

I think anyone would have killed you, girlfriend or not. I’m surprised you’re still alive, actually.


So, how did you get away with it? You still haven’t said.

That’s what…just forget it, OK?

Seriously? As your current girlfriend, I’m more than a little curious.

I wouldn’t pull something like that on you.

No? How come?

She was a bitch.

How the hell’s that a reason?

She shouldn’t have asked me to take care of her damn cat. Just sayin’.

Which is what makes her a bitch.



And she never suspected.

No. I mean, I guess.

I’m serious. How the hell did you find a cat just like hers?

It’s not like I didn’t go looking for the fuckin’ thing, ya know. I looked everywhere. I didn’t just go, ‘Oh, well. Damn thing’s gone. Better get a new one.’

I know. Of course you did. But, how the hell did you find a cat that looked just like hers?

Got lucky, I guess. I spent a couple days driving around to all the pet shops and adoption places I could find.

And, it never occurred to you to just tell her the truth.

She was my girlfriend!

So! She would have understood. Sure she’d be mad, and probably go ballistic, but at least you would have told the truth! Then you could have gone out and gotten her a new cat.

You don’t get it.

No. I guess I don’t. Just don’t ever pull that kind of shit on me.


No. That kind of shit is a deal-breaker with me.


Yeah….and she never figured it out?

Nope. I mean, she’d talk about being worried that her cat was sick because it was acting funny. Even took it to the vet.

And the vet didn’t figure it out? They didn’t go, hey, this is a different cat. Didn’t it have a registration chip?

I guess not.

Man, you got lucky.

Tell me about it.

All that fuss because she’s your girlfriend, and you broke it off with her anyway.

I know. Crazy. Like I said, she was a bitch.

You’re weird.

You’re not the first to call me that.


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