GoNA vs. The Christmas Tree

The prompts for this week are:
Gratuitous sex and violence
And there it was.


Hey? When you are done doing whatever it is you are doing…


…ambassadoring. When you are done doing that, can you come help me finish the tree?

I’m in the middle of critical negotiations, Mom. Can’t you finish decorating the tree?

No! I don’t want to do it all alone. C’mon, sweetie! It’s no fun decorating the tree all by myself. What is this game you’re playing, anyway?

Galaxy of Ninja Ambassadors.

When did you get it? Wait, what’s it called?

Galaxy of Ninja Ambassadors.

What the heck sort of game is that? Is it Xbox?

No. I found it in the app store. Do you mind? I’m in the middle…

I thought we agreed you wouldn’t spend any more money on computer games.

I didn’t! It’s free.

“Ninja” and “ambassadors” sounds like an oxymoron. How is a ninja…

MOM! I’m serious! Please?

Alright, alright. I’m just asking about the game. Do you like it? Is it fun?


I suppose it’s got all that gratuitous sex and violence. Has it got any of that crap? You know the rule. Let me see.

Mom, they’re ninjas! Duh! Ninjas like are warriors! How can there not be any violence!

How do you, what did you say? How do you ambassador while being a ninja? “Ambassador” isn’t even a verb. I swear to God. These games! I suppose they live in a constellation. HA! Get it? Instead of a consulate, because they are in a galaxy, they live…


OK, mister-no-sense-of-humor. Whatever. I’ll wait to finish the tree when you finish your  game…Oh!


I was looking for the Santa Claus ornament, you know, the one you made when you were in Montessori? I couldn’t find it. I was really bummed, thought I’d lost it, or something. But I just walked back into the living room and there it was! Right on the couch, next to the rest of the ornaments!


Oh, don’t be such a Scrooge. Now. I say, save the game and come help me. C’mon. It’s finishing the tree or doing the dishes. Your choice.


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