Grandpa’s Christmas Outfit

The prompts this week are:
Really? That old?
Was she really invisible?
Just as deadly as it looks.

Doug walked into the kitchen, beaming, taking a little spin around to show off his outfit. He had on a green oxford button down shirt, a cheap red tie and a bright red, wool waistcoat.

“Lookin’ good, right?”

His girlfriend Jennifer giggled. Doug usually wore just t-shirts and jeans. “You look goofy.”

His Aunt Lorraine asked, “That Grandpa’s vest?”


“He wore that thing every Christmas.”

“Yep! Grandma had it in the pile of things she’s taking to Goodwill. I’m killin’ in this!” Doug gave Jennifer a squeeze around the waist. She giggled again.

“Ya know,” Lorraine continued, “Dad bought that probably sometime in the ’50s.”

“Really? It’s that old?”



“He wore it with that clan tartan sport jacket, remember? The green one?”

Doug laughed. “I sorta remember that jacket. Hideous!”

“He wore the whole get up with a straight face. Thought he looked real dapper. Mom would always pull a little bit of a disappearing act when he walked in the room. Embarrassed the heck out of her. She’s going to be less than thrilled to see you wearing that vest,” Lorraine cautioned her nephew.

The sight of her father in his red vest and green tartan jacket at Christmas Eve dinner was a fond memory. He would be thrilled to see one of his grandson’s wearing his red vest, and though she hid it for her mother’s sake, Lorraine was very pleased to see Doug so happy wearing it.

Short-n-sweet this time, which means I actually wrote it in the 25 minute time period! It’s a Christmas miracle.

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