846a7b26911e91ebf2a5867e993aa38a[A Fiction in 1st Person]

It’s strange, I know, but true. Brady’s promotion to Deputy Director was announced just yesterday. Brady! I mean, C-P-A (Can’t Possibly Absorb), as my kids say.

I have walked through the last 24 hours in a daze. I feel totally numb. Brady! I unloaded on my poor husband when I got home. When he started to pour me a third glass of wine, I waved him off. Drowning your sorrows is fine in times like these, I suppose, but I’m still going to wake up the next day just as furious. And with a hangover to boot.

I’m telling you, the announcement pierces me like a thousand daggers. All that, “Yes ma’am,” and “You got it sir,” regardless the load already on my plate? All those early mornings and late nights? Saturdays? OK, whatever. That’s part of the job. No one complains about that.

But, I really thought I had it, this time. This time, I really did the old, ‘work smarter, not harder,’ and I thought, with the accolades the Director gave me the past two years, and the former Deputy Director assigning me all those sensitive accounts? Everyone said it looked like I was being groomed. I didn’t want to think about it, but it was hard not to hope.

ARGH! BRADY? The department screw-up? If he were a football player, he’d down for the most career penalties in the NFL!

You can bet there isn’t going to be any, “Yes, sir’s,” from me to that insufferable twit. Um-mm. Time for a change!


OLWG #31 prompts are: Pierced like daggers; CPA; Strange but true. Another short-n-sweet post. Not all that bad, for someone slogging through the fog of flu. Here’s to 2018!

6 thoughts on “CPA

  1. This is really good. I like the “drowning our sorrows” bit and how all it really changes is piling a hangover on top of all the other stuff.

    Get better. Plenty of orangensaft and a sleep!


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