From Whence You Came

OLWG has just one prompt this week: Ghosts in the field. It’s inspired a little multi-part story.

Aaron stood by the entrance to Luggage Claim with a sign that read, “Ulani Aquino.” He cringed a little each time someone frowned after reading the sign. One woman deliberately rolled her suitcase over Aaron’s foot, giving him a slight shove as she passed. A man grumbled something as he walked by. Aaron didn’t have to hear the man’s words. He knew they were an insult.

When the first smiling face approached him, he knew it had to be his cousin. She was maybe 40, short, round, brown skin, with long dark hair she wore up in a clip, a pretty round face and bright amber eyes.


Aaron dropped the sign down to his side. “Yeah. Ulani?”

Ulani nodded and as Aaron went in for a hug, she stuck out her hand. They laughed and settled on a polite hug.

Once in Aaron’s car, he and Ulani made nervous small talk, about her flight, the weather, the traffic, how times have changed what Wichita used to look like, and polite questions about each other’s families, based on what they had learned about one another through emails and phone calls.

Once they’d cleared the city, their conversation ceased. As Ulani stared out her window at the passing scenery, Aaron wondered what it must be like to see a place like Kansas for the first time.

Part Two, tomorrow 

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