From Whence You Came, Part II

This week’s OLWG Prompt inspired a little multi-part short story. Catch up with Part I

“Bet it’s nothing like British Columbia,” Aaron said eventually.

“Nothing like it, for sure,” Ulani replied, putting emphasis on the last two words.

Aaron said, “I looked up pictures of Vancouver. Pretty.”

“Yeah, I think so. At least, the area. The Northwest. I love the Northwest. The city itself,” Ulani shrugged. “I liked Portland better.”

“You just haven’t given it enough time!” Aaron teased Ulani, wanting to be encouraging. “You think you guys will stay there?”

“For now. Until we can get my husband’s status ironed out. Hey, you know, I really appreciate this. You being so open and willing to show me around, and everything.” Ulani said, wanting to change the subject.

“Sure! It’s crazy to find out I have a distant cousin. Crazier to find out we got Hawaiian relatives!”

Ulani giggled. “Well, it’s been crazy to learn I have Irish roots, after all this time!”

“I tried explaining to my wife how we’re related,” Aaron continued, “but I think I got it wrong. Your great grandmother is my great grandmother’s…first cousin? Second?”

“No, you’ve got it right. They were first cousins. Their mothers were sisters. Very close. According to Tutu, uh, sorry, my grandmother, they grew up like sisters. Lived just a block apart.”

Until the day Aaron received Ulani’s letter, he had no idea his people were anything other than Midwesterners. As far as Aaron was aware, almost everyone in his family line were either from Kansas and Missouri, or from Texas. It was still strange to grasp that anyone from his family, however long ago, up and married someone from a completely different place in the world.

“Severy?” Aaron finally said. “Our great grandmothers grew up in Severy?


“Well, Severy is no Oahu. Or British Columbia. Or Oregon, for that matter.”

“I wouldn’t imagine so,” Ulani acknowledged. “But, the thing is, I’ve been thinking about this, you know, my family? My island ancestors? They also come from a long line of farmers.”

Part III, tomorrow. Maybe Wednesday. 😉

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