From Whence You Came, Part IV

27 December, 1922

Dearest Amelia,

 Let me first start by saying “thank you” for your telegram! I was beside myself with worry when I had not received a Christmas Greeting nor letter from you. This holiday was almost totally without tidings of great joy, but for finally hearing from you.
It is so difficult to accept that our lives, my dearest cousin, are no longer in the same time, nor same place. I long for a letter, or any word from you! You must know how very excited I am for you, of course, out there in the world, and on such a grand adventure. I live vicariously through your travels! Please, please, do not forget your cousin and please keep sending me your letters!
I trust your new husband is well. Your description of Mr. Edward Holokai is transfixing! He seems very handsome and clever, the way you spoke of him in your previous letters. You must tell me what marriage is all about! It is your DUTY, as my nearest and dearest, to TELL ALL about your LIFE as a WIFE!
Life here in Severy is much the same as when you left. Papa and Uncle Earl complain about the state of the farm, the price of feed and seed, and the loss of so many farmhands to Kansas City, Chicago and St. Louis and God knows where else. I envy all of them. I envy you! All of you have made your own destiny and gone wherever you pleased. I promise not to carry on any further. You are most likely uninterested in all that you’ve left behind!
I won’t know where to post this letter until you send word of your whereabouts in the HAWAIIAN ISLANDS (just imagine that!)

Until the next time, your forever pal Mabel

2 March 1923

Dearest Amelia,

Pregnant!! Oh, you lovely, lucky darling! I’ve just finished reading your letter of 29 January and I am so full of envy for what must be such a state of BLISS! My fullest, hardiest congratulations, my clever girl! (and to Mr. Holokai, as well!)
You say that Honolulu is as modern a city as Wichita and Kansas City, but I wonder if you truly mean it, or if you are concerned that I will worry for your welfare if you do not tell me otherwise. Do you, truly, have the care of a doctor? Even old Dr. Wilkins would be better than some uneducated fellow from the jungle (if you can BARE the thought of being once again the care of old DW! PERISH the thought!) You must miss Aunt Bea so much at this time. I don’t know that I would want to go through pregnancy without my mother to guide me.
Oh, my darling friend, while I am overjoyed for all your good fortune, I am sad for myself, because this means you really are never coming home. I am afraid we have lost you forever, and all I will ever have of our friendship are letters and photos…of your CHILDREN (that’s plural, little missy!)
I look forward to more news from your Hawaiian islands.

Until then, your forever Mabel

13 May 1924

My Dearest Amelia,

I trust you received my telegram. “Thank You” for sending me the information where I can contact you in Seattle, WASH. 
I have so many questions! I am frantic with worry. Why must you leave Hawaii? Why are you not traveling with baby Gregson? You say he will stay with his father, but why? And, what is in Seattle? I did not even know where it was until I looked it up on a map! Lastly, why must I call you by your maiden name?
This letter will be posted to the address you gave me and will be there waiting for your arrival. Send word the INSTANT you read this. I will send money, whatever I have, or come to your aid. You know I will!

Until next we write or meet, your forever Mabel

P.S. – If you promise to behave yourself, I will introduce you to my darling Jared! I cannot wait to tell you all about him and share with you my happy news (very happy news!)

Inspired by OLWG prompt “Ghosts in the Field.” Scroll through my Home Page to get caught up with Parts I, II and III

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