Not today

The OLWG prompts are: Not today, thank you; Don’t know enough about it; Hush

Sunday. Online Writer’s Guild prompt day. A day to write. All day, if I want, which I do some days, but not today. Oh, now, hush! Today, I have other things to do! I have coffee that needs drinking, and a shower that needs taking, and hair that needs washing, and clothing that needs to be put on, and a car that needs driving, to the grocery store to buy food that needs eating and to the hardware store for the door handle that needs replacing. I’m told it’s a cinch to replace a door handle, but I know next to nothing about how to get stuff that needs doing around the home done, so the plan is to go to one of those huge places where people in orange aprons tell you how to do things, like, install door handles. After all that, and after the new door handle is in its place, there’s a couch that needs sitting on, and a television that needs watching to see people who seek the thrill of victory but end up with the agony of defeat. Or if they’re lucky, the Bronze.

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