Let the Mystery Be

Recently, I’ve been watching the various BBC Earth series. All episodes follow the same formula: Flora and fauna are conceived, germinate, emerge, live, procreate, die. In between all that, life thrives as best it can, one way or another. It is all living things’ common denominator.

Each episode of BBC’s Earth series’ shows the fantastic ways and means plants and animals manage their way through the birth to death experience. Life evolves, creating ingenious methods and genetic traits to cope with the perpetual challenge of eating, or not being eaten, and procreating so another generation can live to do the same.

I’m not a fatalist, nor suicidally depressed, but I have to ask: What’s the point? From a purely intellectual perspective, what is the purpose of life? The question is an ever-explored conundrum, which makes it no wonder mankind developed concepts of morality, spirituality, and philosophy, developing imaginings of deities and the lessons to build around those imaginings.

I agree with those who say the actual purpose of life is beyond our understanding.* But many argue the purpose is clear: It is the pure joy of life that defines its reason for being. And, it is the fact that, no matter what, life marches ever onward. It adapts and evolves, and therefore, so must we.

Life is as simple as that.

Written for OLWG #40: Exelauno

*Iris DeMent song, “Let the Mystery Be”

2 thoughts on “Let the Mystery Be

  1. This is so much more than your normal fare, so much more that I was expecting to read first thing in the morning. I read it several times and appreciated it more each time I read. Thanks!!

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    1. I was struck by the contradiction of the OLWG post: The preamble spoke of March 4th holiday, but the prompt was its opposite. I wrote this with a lot of distraction around me, and so I think it needs smoothing out a bit, but I am very pleased you enjoyed reading it! Onward! It’s as simple as that.

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