Everyone has an Uncle Earl in the family, and a precocious Melissa

OLWG #41 prompts: Pull my thumb; It’s just a figure of speech; Have we seen this already? (and, presented in order, I might add).

Great Uncle Earl grinned as he held out his hand to his six year-old Grand Niece Melissa. “Pull my thumb. Go on! Pull it!”

Melissa turned to her father Jake for permission. Holding up a cautionary hand to both his daughter and uncle, Jake said, “Earl, please. Don’t.

“C’mon, kid!” Earl urged, ignoring his nephew. “Pull my thumb.”

Melissa warily obliged. Earl let loose a long, loud, baritone belch. Melissa giggled hysterically, as only a six year-old could. Earl winked at Jake.

“Thanks for not, you know,” Jake paused and smiled, “doing the other thing.”

“HEY KID,” Earl yelled, “Pull my other thumb!”

“NO!” Jake snapped, pulling Melissa close to him.

Earl laughed, thrusting his thumbs, one at a time, at Melissa, who gleefully squealed at each jab.

Later that night, as Jake tucked his daughter into bed, Melissa asked to pull her father’s thumb, obviously expecting a command performance.

“Honey, that’s just a figure of speech.” Jake said. “Great Uncle Earl was just having fun with you.”

Melissa pouted and huffed, pushing away the book Jake brought in to read to her.

“Tell you what,” Jake said, realizing he had to win this particular battle. “Let’s watch a movie. I’ll get my laptop and we’ll watch it together, here in your bed! Sound fun?”

Melissa flipped back over, clapping, “Yes! YAY!”

“OK, good,” said Jake. “How about ‘Frozen’?”

“We’ve seen that one, Daddy!”

“OK, which one do you want to watch?”

“Glengarry Glen Ross.”

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