About “by LRose”

“Writing is the only thing that when I do it,
I don’t feel I should be doing something else.” ~ Gloria Steinem

“Always seeing something, never seeing nothing, being photographer.”  ~ Walter De Mulder

I love to write, I love taking pictures and I love to share. Therefore, I love to blog. In fact, I love blogging so much, I used to have several blogs. But the time to keep up with all that went away, so I have just this blog these days.

Mostly, I like to write. I write very short fictions and have a couple of serials to which I add chapters from time to time. Occasionally I post short opinion or point-of-view pieces, or if come across something that makes me laugh, I share it on my “Friday Funny” series.

In my next life I think I want to be an accomplished fiction author and fine art photographer. Until then, enjoy my efforts to be such in this lifetime.

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