About LRose

I had a manager with the same first name as I, so my email moniker, “LRose”, became my nickname. Co-workers from those days still call me “LRose.” It was during that time I created my first blog.

This blog was launched in 2012 and it was happily chugging along until 2017 when it got a troll infestation. I’m very much attached to the blog title, so I didn’t want to delete the blog and start over with another. Instead, I deleted 95% of my posts, closed Comments, removed the blog from search engine detection, and zeroed out all my followers in order to wipe the slate clean and thereby eradicate the troll. It worked.

The only thing I kept active for those months were my responses to tnkerr’s Online Writer’s Guild (OLWG) writing prompt blog. He had just started OLWG, and, at the time, I was the only one linking back to the prompts. Accumulating Followers is hard enough, let alone having the only responder delete all their links.

Anyway, now that the coast seems clear, and because I enjoy blogging, I’m jumping back into the fray. Writing is my hobby, but writing without readers isn’t much fun. I hope you enjoy reading.



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