Friday Funny is on You!


Ronnie and the boys laughin’ it up

Oh, sure, I could share the overly-long but nevertheless hysterical Hot Wheels video (complete with Fast ‘n Furious Slo Mo Action Shots) or the other overly-long but hysterical video of the three year-old girl in a pink tutu and black riding helmet making multiple efforts to mount a Shetland pony (that is exactly the same size as she and blessed with the patience of Job) But, what I really want to know is what made you laugh this past week?

Monday Moment

From the “Awwww….!” Files:

mama and babes in hsOn Thursday morning staff and students arrived to the high school to find a mother duck and her newly hatched ducklings at the main entrance.

A call was made to the non-emergency line at Fire and Rescue. An engine arrived with some very capable “duck catchers”. The firefighters gently scooped up the babies in a box. Mama got nervous and flew off, but then came back and followed the fire fighters as they slowly carried the box with the ducklings to a nearby retention pond behind the main parking lot. Everyone was cheering.

Mama duck had other ideas. Within an hour the family made their way through the parking lot and back to the main entrance. This time, a quick call was made to the PAWS Wildlife Center. Their expert opinion was that mother duck knew that there was water on the back side of the school campus and that is where she wanted to take her family. To oblige mama duck, a new plan was hatched.

A creative writing class and some staff members were recruited to create a silent “human wall”. The front and back door were opened and mama escorted her brood through the main entrance and out the other side to the back of the school. Mama and her babies waddled their way to a safe location and everyone at the school is very happy.