Six Words Say It All

A literary arts organization I follow on Facebook occasionally posts, “In six words or fewer, write a story about…” and people reply with their miniscule stories. Fun thing to share! Here is the prompt from yesterday:

In six words or fewer, write a story about a first time.

  • The butterflies danced in my stomach.
  • “I can do that!” Then did.
  • On stage: terror, then euphoria.
  • Wrote six-worded story, this one.
  • Earth far below, she leapt forward.
  • She felt the secured rope knot.
  • Tentative at first, I surrendered.
  • Extreme trepidation buoys my intricate preparations.
  • Blood ruined my silver sharkskin pants.
  • Downy wings unfold, bravely stretching skyward.
  • Time of death: six forty-five.
  • The students parted seas while walking!
  • Hesitantly approaching the door of hope.
  • Mother called me, I was busy.
  • Screaming. Cut. Painful. Crying. Messy. Laughing.
  • Ouch.