About “Victor & Hugo”

V&H coverA blogging buddy, “tnkerr” (tnkerr-Writing Prompts and Practice), and I started a “crowd writing” story in December 2015 based on the following writing prompt:

Write a short fiction inspired by the following line in Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables – “Cities produce ferocious men because they create corrupt men; the mountains, the forest, and the sea render men savage; they develop the fierce, but yet do not destroy the human.” 

In short, the story that evolved is about a man, Victor, who goes missing in 1872 in the Sawtooth region of Idaho, and the series of events that unfold when a young man called Hugo finds his skeleton 125 years later.

The following chapters are not exactly in the same order as they were originally posted. Also, the blog post titles may be different.

Part One, original prompt response, “Victor & Hugo” by tnkerr – Jan 16, 1872: Victor Samuels falls down a ravine / July 23, 1996: Hugo Marsh finds a skeleton.

Part Two, by LRose – Jan 15 (the night before) 1872: Victor at Apple Alice Saloon

Part Three, by LRose – Jan 16, 1872: Samuels cabin; Thomas sent to fetch his father at the saloon

Part Four, by LRose – July 24, 1996: Hugo, Charlene Davis, Sheriff Parson & Deputy Garrett investigate the skeleton; Deputy Garrett relates the story of the Samuels/Davenport/Garrett family feud re: ownership of Victor’s land

Parts Five and Six  , by tnkerr – Jan 16, 1872: Victor at the bottom of the ravine / July 24, 1996: Hugo, Charlene, Sheriff Parson & Deputy Garrett head back to town; Charlene takes the pistol

Part Seven ‎, by LRose – July 24, 1996: Larry Elkano talks to Deputy Mike Garrett about the skeleton find and ruminates on possible fall out

Part Seven-ish/Eight-ish, by LRose, 1873 or 4: George Davenport

Part Eight, by LRose – April, 1877: George Davenport, Part II

Part Nine, by LRose – September 1878: Finnian (Fin) Garrett is returned to Apple Alice

Part Ten, by tnkerr – Late summer 1879: Fin finds the skeleton and takes the pistol

Part Eleven, by LRose – Late summer 1879: Victor’s land is put into a Trust

Part Twelve, by LRose – July 1996: Hugo and Charlene return to the pistol and discover the skeleton missing

Part Thirteen, by tnkerr – July 1996: Hugo and Charlene quiz Mike Garrett

Part Fourteen, by LRose – July 1996: Mike Garrett shares his encounter with Hugo & Charlene with Sheriff Daryl Parson

Part Fifteen, by tnkerr – July 1996: Charlene has a bad dream

Part Sixteen, by LRose – August 1996: Judge Ed Coopersmith delivers bad news to Bob Hixon

Part Seventeen, by LRose – August 1996: Daniella (Dani) Davenport

Part Eighteen, by LRose – August 1996: Sheriff Parsons and Deputy Garrett check out Charlene & Hugo’s claim about the missing skeleton

Part Nineteen, by LRose – Summer 1879: Fin Garrett & Thomas Samuels meet.


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